Notes on 1644 Map of New Amsterdam

newammap-philippe-landThis is a map of New Amsterdam, about 1644, compiled from Dutch and English records by J.H. Innes. Notes by Jennifer Smith.

Roads are marked in black: Broadway(1); Maiden Lane (8); Beaver Street (3); Bridge Street (6) (there was actually a little bridge); Pearl Street (2).   Most of the other grey lines are fences and brooks.

The crescent shape at the very top is a pond or marsh, probably the southern tip of what later became Collect Pond.

Philippe du Trieux’s land can be seen shaded in green at the top right (10). The area was called Smit’s Vly, or “Smith’s Valley.” His daughter Maria Truax’s tavern is further south, on the shore at the foot of Maiden Lane (9).

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