House of Truax

The House of Truax

Descendants of Philippe du Trieux
Introduction and Overview

Following the lost research of David Truax in the 1870s, the “House of Truax” was originally compiled between the 1870s and 1905 by Theodore de T. Truax. However, he failed to secure financing to publish his research, and died in 1915. Following his death, Grafton Press passed his manuscript to the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society. The Society’s Howard S. F. Randolph later edited the manuscript for publication in the “New York Genealogical and Biographical Record.” “The House of Truax” was published from July 1926 through October 1928 in ten quarterly installments. It traced and numbered up to 10 generations of descendants of Philippe du Trieux, including genealogy, locations, and family history.

After significant additional research was accomplished (1925-1945) by Allan L. Truax and Thura Truax Hires, a more complete compilation of descendants was compiled by Thura Truax Colby Hires prior to her death in 1955. After additional updating, her records were eventually published by the Association of Descendants of Philippe du Trieux in 1985 as the “Thura Truax Hires Manuscripts”, a two volume set.

Here’s an overview of the information in my “House of Truax” website files:

  • NAMES:  The complete NYGBR “House of Truax” listed here — up to 10 generations! Without counting, I estimate that there are well over 2000 names included in this website’s listing.
    • Nearly 1400 direct descendants of Philippe from the “House of Truax” are listed and numbered!
    • Spouses listed in the NYGBR documents (I estimate 500-600) are also included, as are 50-75 other unnumbered descendants from the ‘annotated’ NYGBR (typically later generations).
    • The list is also augmented by about 100 names from association records (mostly 3rd generation).
  • DATES:  For brevity, only the years of birth (b.1586), death (d.1652), and/or marriage (m.1615=) are given in this Internet list.  Exact dates are available in historical, NYGBR, census, or association records, including the Thura Truax Hires books.
  • NUMBERING:  Many individuals (through the third generation) are identified by two numbers, to easily correspond with other published documents for research and reference purposes.
    • The first number (preceded with a “T”), when present, is the ‘House of Truax’ number as given in the NYGBR. This numbering continues through all generations listed in the NYGBR.
    • The second number (where present) is from the association’s 3rd generation family group records. Typically, ‘4-8-5’, shows a great-grandchild of Philippe of person #4 (3 numbers = 3rd generation after Philippe). This is for membership tracking information only.
    • If only the second style number is shown, that name comes from association records and not the NYGBR.
    • Marriages are shown as “m.=“, “m.1619=” where the date is known, or “m.1619=3=” for a marriage with 3 children. Second/Third marriages are shown by a number in parenthesis, e.g. “m.(2)1619=”
    • Children of a marriage are shown indented below the parents; siblings share the same indentation.  This style depicts family groups easily and graphically.
    • Where two descendants married each other, there are links between the two appearances.  Descendants of the marriage are usually shown with the first listing.
    • If an individual has been married twice (or more), that individual is listed again (with their same number), once for each spouse (in order to properly depict children of different marriages).
  • LINKS:  Parents and their children are cross-linked between the sections.
    • In Section 1 or 2, clicking on a ‘wedding with children’ symbol (e.g., “m.=4=“) takes you to descendants of that marriage in the appropriate part of section 2.
    • In sections 2 and 3, clicking on the parent’s name or number (e.g., Children of T22/6-2/…) brings you back “up” to the parent’s location in Section 1 or 2.
    • REMEMBER: Clicking on wedding symbols takes you DOWN to children/descendants. Clicking on a name or number takes you UP to parents. If you’re confused, look at and print out the chart described below.
  • ORGANIZATION:  This listing is divided into several sections for size and clarity.
    • A new chart graphically diagrams the relationship of the various generations in the website’s several sections, which are also described below in outline form. Printing this chart out may help you navigate this website.
    • Introduction:  The section you’re now reading.
    • Section 1 (Generations 0-2):  Lists Philippe du Trieux & his two wives (as generation 0), Philippe’s children (generation 1), and his grandchildren (generation 2). This allows an overall depiction of Philippe’s two marriages and families, through to his grandchildren.
    • Sections 2a-2e (Generations 3-5):  Contains three further generations ( Philippe’s great-grandchildren, through his great-great-great-grandchildren), according to the NYGBR “House of Truax” documentation.
      • Section 2a contains descendants of T5/Maria du Trieux, daughter of Philippe du Trieux and Jacquemine Noiret.
      • Section 2b contains descendants of children of Philippe du Trieux and Susanna du Chesne, except for descendants of their children T11/Isaac and T12/Jacob (who are in sections 2c through 2e). .
      • Section 2c and Section 2d contain descendants of T11/Isaac du Trieux (son of Philippe du Trieux and Susanna du Chesne) and his wife Maria Williamse Brouer.
      • Section 2e contains descendants of T12/Jacob du Trieux (son of Philippe du Trieux and Susanna du Chesne) and his wife Elisabeth (Lysbet) Post.
    • Sections 3a-3e (Generations 6-8, or more): Contains 3 more generations as documented in the NYGBR “House of Truax” documentation
      • Section 3A continues section 2c, and contains further descendants of T11/Isaac du Trieux, through his child T64/Abraham Caleb Truax (wife Chrystyntje de la Grange), and his grandchildren T221/Isaac Truax, T225/ Philip Truax, and T227/Christiaan Truax.
      • Section 3B also continues section 2c, and contains further descendants of T11/Isaac du Trieux, through his child T66/Isaac Truax (wife Catrina Van Bentjuysen), and his grandchild T235/Peter Truax.
      • Section 3C and Section 3D continue section 2d, and contain further descendants of T11/Isaac du Trieux, through his child T68/Jacob Truax (wife Elisabeth de la Grange), and his grandchildren T243/Isaac Jacobse Truax, T234/Gillis (Elias) Truax, T249/Jacob Truax, and T250 Abraham Truax.
      • Section 3E continues section 2e, and contains further descendants of T12/Jacob du Trieux, through his child T76/Willem Truax (wife Susanna —), and his grandchildren T253/Benjamin Truax, T254/Cornelis Truax, and T256/William Truax.
  • FURTHER DESCENDANTS:  In section 2, additional generations of the “House of Truax” that are in section 3 are listed by their NYGBR “House of Truax” numerical designations. Their numbers are listed after a marker (“>>“), colored green, and are grouped in parenthesis and brackets to show successive generations. For example, “>> (T698-700) [T981-984]” shows the “House of Truax” numbers for two generations.  I included this information for record keeping between sections as the web pages were constructed.
    • NOTE: this website currently only contains the contents of the “House of Truax” as published in the NYGBR. If you are searching for further descendants that aren’t here, there are several ways to do additional research. Joining the association, data from ‘familytreemaker’s disks, and tratitional genealogical research are typical research methods.

    Initial References:  I haven’t identified the source of each piece of information here, as this is a ‘summary’ listing.  The references I used making this listing (as of March 1998) include:

    1. The original “House of Truax”, as published in the 1926-28 New York Genealogical and Biological Record, was used as primary reference, except when updated or corrected (see #2 and #3 below).  This was also the source for the “House of Truax” number, e.g., “T244”.
    2. An updated “House of Truax”, typed by Allan L. Truax in 1956, which contains additional notes by himself and Thura Hires.  These notes are annotated in this listing by “TTH” or “ALT”.
    3. The Third Generation family group records of the Association of Descendants of Philippe du Trieux, including the association’s reference numbers, which is a 1, 2, 3, or 4-place hyphenated number.
      For example ‘4-8-5’, shows a great-grandchild of Philippe (3 numbers = 3rd generation after Philippe) of person #4.  Note that names that only have a number of this style were not listed in the NYBGR “House of Truax”.
    4. The Thura Truax Hires Manuscripts also provided some additional information. Her notes that were included from reference #2 are noted by a “TTH” annotation in this listing.  Her books (‘manuscripts’) also detail generations well beyond what is listed here. I have not yet coorelated the annotated NYGBR listing with the TTH Manuscripts–that’s a future project. Also, I may try to figure out how to include her names and reference numbers when expanding this listing behond the NYBGR “House of Truax”.

    I hope you find this depiction and information interesting and useful.  Please let me know if you have suggestions, changes, or (especially) corrections.

    Mike Truax