Books by and about du Trieux family


Listings in red are highly regarded books by the Association

The Island at The Center of the World by Russell Shorto – history of the founding of New Amsterdam

The Edge of New Netherland by Len Tantillo -- founding of NY

Thura Truax Hires Manuscripts, Volume One & Two by Thura Colby Hires- genealogy books from 1983

A Journey into Mohawk and Oneida’s Country by Charles Gehring and William Starna – from a journal that was kept by Harmen Meyndertsz van den Bogaert- 1634

Going Dutch: The Dutch Presence in America by Joyce D. Goodfriend—Dutch culture

The Colony of New Netherlands: A Dutch Settlement in Seventeenth Century America by Jaap Jacobs (good research book—he is a scholar

Narratives of New Netherland by a collection of authors—history of early New York

The Cry That Rang from Brussels to New Amsterdam by Alfred H. Marks & Francis Devos – historical about Walloons.

The Rise of the Huguenots by Henry Baird volumes

Dutch New York by Roger Panetta – Hudson valley history from 1609, 1709, 1809, 1909, 2009

Colonial New York: A History New York by Michael Kammen- history---on internet archive--- free to read

The Capture of New Amsterdam by Henry L. Schoolcraft—1907- scholarly history

Innocence Abroad: The Dutch Imagination and the New World by Benjamin Schmidt –the Dutch Golden age

Truax, Truex Family Records of Monmouth County NJ by Martin Castor

Historical Fiction

The Salty Rose by Beth Caruso - fiction- about the life of Maria Truax Viele Peek

Penelope: A Novel of New Amsterdam by Jim McFarlane

City of Dreams: A novel of Nieuw Amsterdam by Beverley Swerlin -historic novel of a brother and sister settling in 1661

Fiction by Truax/Truex authors

The Christmas Tree Farm by Charles Truax Gorman, fiction/romance

The Messages of Christmas by Jonathan Truax – religious

To A Different Drummer by Stephen Truax

Closet Full of Masks by Rogers Truax – poetic satire

The Pope’s Granddaughter by James Truax

Log Out by William Truax

Undone: When coming apart puts you back together by Laura S Truax

Broken Pearl by Faith Truax

Children’s Books

Truax by Terri Birkett (1994 Softcover 20-page booklet. Written in the same style as Dr. Seuss' LORAX, TRUAX is published as a defense of logging trees.)

The Truax Book Especially for Young Truaxs by Combs Craig Truax- family genealogy and history

Gnome by Becky Truax – children’s book- making friends

Greymalkin by Gail Truax

Classical Literature

The Autocrat at the Breakfast Table by Oliver Wendell Holmes. Jr. – he is a descendent – 1893- thoughts on science, social and philosophy

Little Women, Little Men, Jo’s Boys --all by Louisa May Alcott


Dreamers by Eileen Truax – immigrant vision and fight for their American Dream

Blackbird Row by David E. Truax – biography of Combs Craig Truax

Joseph Lister by Rhoda Truax – biography of a Boston doctor

Adventures of Doctors by Rhoda Truax--- a reprint from 1923

Food, drink, and Celebrations of the Hudson Valley Dutch by Peter G. Rose – history and Dutch food/recipes

The Art of Making a Salad by Carol Truax

Cooking with Liberace by Carol Truax (writes many cookbooks)

A Good Day for Ducks by Doug Truax--- duck hunting

Falling Waters of Yosemite by J. L. Truax – sheet music

American Rocketman by Robert C. Truax—autobiography

Acoustic Communication by Barry Truax--- study of sounds

WW II US Air Force Army History--about Truax Field

Truax Wisconsin United Congregational Church-- cookbook

A Woman of Parts, Memories of Life on Stage by Sarah Truax

Toward Effective Counseling and Psychotherapy by Charles Truax