Making a Difference

There are so many people who are making a difference in society who are descendants, but have many different names that we can’t research. Below are those whose name is Truax who are making a difference:

Max Truax devoted his theatrical director career to making the arts accessible to everyone. His Chicago theater at Red Tape Theatre produced plays that were free to attend. This allowed anyone to attend and opened the opportunity to make everyone part of the community.

Max said, “Art gives us context to what’s happening in the world around us, especially when we’re getting so much of our information from social media and curated media. We choose what we want to read, we choose what we want to hear. Being exposed to art gives us a perspective that media doesn’t necessarily give us.” (Source: Columbia Cronicle)

Eileen Truax is a Los Angeles based freelance journalist who covers immigration politics and US-Mexico relations. For seven years she worked for La Opinion, the largest Spanish Language daily in the US. Her work has been published in many papers, including the Spanish editions of the New York Times and Newsweek. Her book, DREAMERS: An Immigrant Generation’s Fight for Their American Dream , brings attention to their precarious lives. Truax showcases, in their own words, the personal histories of the “Dreamers” living under the constant threat of deportation and denied access to educational opportunities, housing, permits, licenses and career paths many take for granted. (Source: Kirkus Reviews)

Tammi Truax, an elementary school principal knew what to pick for her school’s focus in 2017. Agriculture is at the heart of Turlock, California’s community. During the year of the new program, students in grades K-6 participated in activities and lessons that bring agriculture into their classrooms, including field trips to local agriculture businesses, visits to farms, and studying plant growth.

“Agriculture isn’t just about animals and crops. The ag-based curriculum ties into Science, Technology, Engineering and STEM programs, teaching students about more than one topic while preparing them for careers in many fields. (Source: Turlock Journal)

Dennis Truax has been taking students to a small area of the southern African country of Zambia each summer to drill and assemble water wells. Truax is the head of the Mississippi State University chapter of Engineers Without Borders. The wells impacted roughly 7,000 people. Prior to the nine wells, which cost $100,000 to construct, the water was contaminated. “Everywhere we put the well we heard the same thing: “Our general health is better. We are not having diarrhea and intestinal problems. Our food is better. Our kids are in school now.” It changed the MSU students’ lives, too. They learned of the impact engineering can have on people’s lives. (Source: The Dispatch, a MSU periodical)

Dr. Brad Truax, Philanthropist
The Truax house on a hill in San Diego was built by Dr. Brad Truax for the purpose of using it as a hospice for AIDs patients during the height of the epidemic in the 1980s. Dr. Truax was a major voice for people living with HIV. He dedicated his life to bringing awareness and prevention to the San Diego community in the 1980s. Truax was responsible for getting San Diego’s many bathhouses closed. Truax eventually contracted the disease and died at the age of 42.

Rhoda Truax, sister of Carol Truax, was a graduate of the Horace Mann School and Barnard College in New York City. Rhoda authored 12 novels & historical books. Her best known book, The Doctor Warren of Boston, is in the collection of most libraries in the US. She spent a good deal of her life around doctors as the list below will illustrate. The story of Doctor Warren is not as well-known as those of his close friends, Paul Revere and William Dawes. Dr. Warren convinced Revere to take that famous Midnight Ride. Some believe that Dr. Warren had an affair with Margaret Gage after his own wife died and Gage may have been the one to tip him off about the British raid. He was friends with President John Adams, Sam Adams, and John Hancock.

Her books about doctors include: Hospital, Doctors Carry the Keys, Barry Scott, MD, The Dynasty of Doctors, Joseph Lister: Father of Modern Surgery, and The Adventures of Doctors. (source: Wikip