World Timeline for the Truax Family

1579--- Union of Utrecht
1581--- Act of Abjuration “Declaration of Independence”
1582--- Pope Gregory changed the Calendar
1584--- William of Orange Assassinated.
1586--- 18th July Philippe Du Trieux baptized – Roubaix, France
1587--- Mary Queen of Scotts executed
1588--- King Henry IV Defeats the Spanish Armada/Ends Religious Wars
1600--- Bruno burned as a heretic- East India Company formed
1603--- Shakespeare writes “Hamlet”
1605--- Cervantes writes “Don Quixote”
1607--- Jamestown founded – Philippe trains as a “dyer”
1609--- Samuel De Champlain founds New France- 1st Newspaper in Germany
1610--- Galileo sees Jupiter
1611--- Kings James Bible written
1614--- Adrian Block explores the East Coast of America- builds the “Onrust”
1615--- Philippe and Jaqumentje Noirett marry
1616--- Son Philippe born and dies
1617--- Daughter Maria born
1618--- Start of the 30 Years War
1619--- Son Philippe born/Dutch ships bring African slaves to New Netherlands
1620--- Pilgrims/Mayflower to Massachusetts--daughter Madeleine born & dies- Jaqumentje dies
1621--- Philippe marries Susanna DuChesne- cousin of first wife
1623--- Son Jerome born
1624--- Dutch West India Company sends “New Netherlands” ship to New Amsterdam- du Trieux family builds a home on Beaver straat
1625--- William Verhulst – Governor of New Netherlands- daughter Sarah born
1626--- Governor Pieter Minuet buys Manhattan- daughter Susanna born
1630--- Massachusetts Bay Colony formed
1632--- Sebastiaen Krol Governor of New Netherlands- Lord Baltimore settles Maryland- son Abraham born
1633--- Wouter van Twiller Governor of New Netherlands- Spanish Inquisition
1635--- Daughter Rachel born
1636--- Daughter Rebecca born
1637--- Philippe signs document of Hendrick de Forest/pumpkins 6 Florens
1638--- William Kieft Governor of New Netherlands- Philippe is appointed court messenger by Kieft- he is sued by Symon Dirksen for payment of fish- he is a witness in a suit for slander
1639--- Daughter Maria marries Cornelis Viele
1640--- Philippe receives patent for lands in “Smits Vly” – grandson Aernoldt born to Maria and Cornelis
1641--- Granddaughter Aeltje born to Maria and Pieter Wolferson
1642--- English Civil War- Cromwell takes over – Rembrandt paints the “Night Watch” – daughter Sara marries Isaac de Forest- daughter Maria involved in a lawsuit that proved she is a fur trader- son Isaac born- grandson Jessen born by Sara
1643--- Taj Mahal completed- grandson Cornelis born of Maria- Indian attacks on Manhattan destroy most of the bouweries
1644--- End of the Ming dynasty- Philippe had a lawsuit vs Salee over a fence
1645--- Granddaughter Susanna by Sara born- granddaughter Jacomentje born by Maria – grandson Thomas born by Susanna- son Jacob born
1646--- Grandson Gerrut born and dies by Sara- daughter Maria involved in a lawsuit for selling liquor to the Indians
1647--- Pieter Stuyvesont Governor of New Netherlands- granddaughter Elsie born by Susanna – grandson Gerrit born by Sara—become neighbors of the “Mabees”
1648---30 Years War ends- Germany lost half its population- grandson Peter born by Maria
1649--- 80 Years War ends, Netherlands is formally independent- grandchildren/twins born and die by Sara - grandson Johannes born by Susanna – Philippe and daughter Maria are godparents – Cornelis Viele dies
1650--- Grandson Jan born by Sara- granddaughter Divertje born and dies by Maria marries Jan Peek of “Peekskill”
1652--- Grandson Philippe born by Sara
1653--- Before September 8th Philippe and son Philippe probably die by Native Americans
1654--- Susanna de Scheene widow confers POA on son-in-law Isaac de Forest- Maria involved in two debt suits
1664--- English take over New Netherlands becomes New York

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